Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fast Food in China Article

A couple of months ago I was interviewed via e-mail for US-China Today, a student-run publication of the University of Southern California's U.S.-China Institute. The writer had stumbled upon my post about Pizza Hut in China. I just received word that the article is finished and on the website, and I have a small quote in the article (below the photo of Pizza Hut):


wilke said...

Hy Dan, my husband (his name is Daan) lives and works in Zhangye with 2 other Dutch guys! Have you ever met them?

Dan said...

Hi Wilke,

Before we left China last year we did meet two Dutch guys at a restaurant in Zhangye, they had some kind of potato factory in the area. We didn't talk for very long and I don't remember their names, but we must be talking about the same people.

Anonymous said...

gasHi Dan ,Indeed we meet you at the restaurant in Zhangye for a short time . We are still working for the Dutch company Aviko producing potato flakes for prefabricated potato chips.
It is very nice that my wife was in contact with you . How is life
in the States . It would be normal for you??


Dan said...

Hi Daan, life in the US does seem normal again now, but we miss China all the time, especially life in Zhangye. It's sad for us to know we will probably never have that food again, and we miss the town and the people we knew. Good luck with your factory.